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stage two: design
fixed design fee

Following the initial consultation, the next step is to create a design for your space.

This service includes space planning, a mood board, and our most popular tool, 3-D design walkthrough of your space. If you are not requiring stage three of our service, we will give you a suggested lists of what to buy and where. This is everything you need to create your happy home.

step two: fixed fee design package

After our initial design consultation and understanding of your needs and wants, we will create a scope of work outlining what will become part of the design scope. We will also create a profile of you and put together a full view of what you love—from design styles and colours palettes to your favourite activities and personal passions. During this time, we'll also begin to collaborate with you via Pinterest boards to exchange ideas. This collaboration and discovery period can be very fun and educational. Once we fully understand your aesthetic style, we'll begin the design process to create a vision of your beautiful space.

To create a whole cohesive space that you will love, our design package starts at $3,000 for a studio, $3,800 for a one bedroom unit, $4,800 for a two-bedroom unit, and $5,800 for a three-bedroom unit.

If kitchen or millwork design is involved, detailed design work will be a part of stage three and be billed by the hours. Otherwise, if we are not the ones providing the millwork, design work can still be done on an ongoing basis as part of the Designer-on-demand. However, final measurements will always be the responsibility of your chosen millwork company.

space planning
When space is small and perhaps awkward, it's very important to have thoughtful space planning to see how we can maximize the use of your space. We will explore many different options before presenting the best two or three layouts to you. When living in a condo, our living room will have to multifunction as TV watching, game playing, lounging, and sometimes, even as a guest room.
Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.50.42 PM.png
mood board
Designers often like to work with mood boards because they will help you envision how all the pieces of the furniture selection will look together in a room and what the overall mood and feel of the room is. Nowadays, it's very convenient to present a digital mood board. However, we often like to present an actual mood board with physical samples so you can not only see, but touch and feel the different textures.
3-d design
The 3-d design has been such a game changer for us. Many of our clients would have a difficult time envisioning the overall design until we show them the 3-d design. Our clients enjoy being able to "walk through" the space. When we talk about changing a rug, you don't have to wonder anymore how that change would impact the design. As the saying goes, "seeing is believing." Let us show you. (Just for fun, can you spot three changes in the two pictures below?)
Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 8.05.41 PM.png
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