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The mission of Happy Home Design is simple, to create happy homes for everyone because everyone deserves to be happy. There have been scientific studies done to prove that good design makes people happy. While you need a jacket to help you stay warm in the winter, you may go to many different stores and try on many different ones. Eventually, you pick the one that made you look the best (or at least you think so anyway). It could be the styles, the lines, the fabric, the colour, the details of the buttons, and so forth. What matters is that you are happy. It’s the same way with your home, except it’s on a much larger scale. After all, for most of us, our home is the single biggest purchase we will ever make in our life. While it’s true that all the living rooms are similar, in that they will all have some kind of seating, a coffee table, perhaps some side tables, a rug, etc. Just like in the example of the jacket above, all the details of design is what makes an ordinary home a well-designed home. It’s how each piece of furniture, window coverings, wall coverings and accessories is curated perfectly to reflect what makes the homeowners happy.


Whether you live in a big house or a small condo apartment, old or new, you deserve to live in a happy home that is as beautiful as it is functional. Using all the elements of design, our mission is to bring happiness to people by creating their happy homes.