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one day makeover

Do you wish that you could just wave a magic wand and your home would become the beautiful and organized home that you have always dreamed of? While I wish I have a magic wand to do that, but I don't. Until then, our "one day makeover" may just be the next best thing. It includes up to seven hours when we come and help you re-purpose, rearrange, and reorganize your furniture and turn your home into a happy home!


Who is one day makeover good for?

One Day Makeover is a great option if:

  • You long to feel calm in your home

  • You feel unhappy every time you look at your dysfunctional space

  • You have clutter that's way out of control

  • You entertain and have people over a lot and wish that your home can look nice

  • You have a recent life change: downsizing, single again, marriage, new baby

  • You are looking for the ideal gift for a newlywed couple, housewarming, first apartment, etc.
  • You cringe at the thought of tackling the organization on your own

  • You just don't have an eye for design

  • You simply desire a functional and beautiful home 

This is How It Works

  • Contact us and we'll set up an initial two-hours time slot for us to come over to your home for our first visit

  • We will ask you to send us some pictures of the problem area(s) for our assessment

  • On the day of the appointment, we will come and assess your situations and come up with our recommendations

  • On our second visit, we'll implement our recommendations

let's reclaim your happy home
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