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Happy Home Design is a boutique design company based in Nanaimo and serving clients in Central Vancouver Island as well as Metro Vancouver.

Turn your small (or big) space into your happy place

Can our homes make us happier? Can our home be a place where we not only live but thrive? Can we design for better living? These are questions that we have been asking ever since we established Happy Home Design. As Dorothy famously said in The Wizard of Oz, "There is no place like home." Our home should be our happy place. But this doesn't always happen spontaneously. It is achieved through good design, which includes thoughtful space planning, careful selections of furniture, art works, wall coverings, window treatments, the right colour scheme, and so on. Design by its very definition is a plan to show the function or workings of a place or an object, before it is made. It is to imagine how a place, or a thing, could be better (or different) and could have a positive impact in our lives. Good design is all about making where we live the best possible environment for our health and overall wellbeing. When our home is both functional and beautiful, and when we have achieved a feeling of home, we will be happier!

Welcome to Happy Home Design. We have been designing homes for families in Vancouver since 2007 as well as in Central Vancouver Island since mid-2022. Our projects range from luxury homes in Vancouver West side to small condos in the Olympic Village. Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, creating your happy home is our calling. This is why we renamed our company in 2017 from Chan + Dee Design to Happy Home Design, because it's not about us--it's about you calling your home your happy place.

We were named one of the 30 best interior design companies in Vancouver for our specialty in small-space design. We were also entitled one of the 8 best options for interior design in Vancouver for small space design by Handyman Reviewed. But regardless of the size of your dwelling--big or small--your home should make you happy. If it doesn't, then it's time to change that.

There are two ways for us to work with you. With our full design service, we take you step by step through the design 3-stage process to take the headache and chaos out of decorating or renovating a home. The second option is our one day one room makeover, which is ideal if you want something done quickly and are willing to relinquish control. We rely on experience, expertise, and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget, and with consistently happy results. So whether it's a compact condo or a large residence, let's make home your happy place!


full design service

With our 3-stage process, our full design takes you step by step through the design process to take the headache and chaos out of decorating or renovating your home 

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one day one room makeover

our one day makeover is ideal if you want to redecorate your home quickly and are willing to relinquish control

there is a story behind every happy home

create your happy home in 3 easy steps

stage one:
initial design consultation

Our initial consultation gives you access to our small space designers for up to 2 hours to give you clarity and direction to create that beautiful home you've always wanted.  It's comprehensive enough to be a stand-alone session for some homeowners. It's a great way to kick start any decorating or renovation project that you have been planning for your home.

stage two:
design service
If the design consultation leaves you wanting more, then the next step is to proceed to our design service. We will give you a complete design for the room, complete with space planning, a floor plan, a mood board, and our most popular feature , 3D design to help you visualize the room. Two revisions are included in the design service package.
stage three:
implementation service
Stage three is where we will execute and bring the design to life. We begin to source out each furniture item, wall art, lighting, accessories, and so forth, and store them in our warehouse until installation day. We'll also order paints, wallpapers, and everything else and make arrangements for different trades to work in your home. Staying within our agreed budget is one of our top priorities. We will help you manage every aspect of the project so that it will be as stress-free as possible. We'll also do our best to keep a short time frame even though it's increasingly challenging sometimes.

testimonials from happy clients


"They are... really, really good at working with what's already there so that you aren't throwing out too much and saving money..."

"These guys are wonderful! Danny's design expertise combined with Sandra's organization and finishing touches make for a truly great design team. They have done four rooms for us so far: a home office for me, two kids bedrooms and another office/art room for the kids. They are great at working in small spaces and really, really good at working with what's already there so that you aren't throwing out too much and saving money at the same time. Highly recommended"

- Jeni V.

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"I am amazed at how much more spacious my living area is now..."

Happy Home Design worked miracles in my 640 square foot condo... They have transformed my small space with all it’s quirky angles, limited lighting and family heirlooms into a spacious yet cozy, cohesive, calm and welcoming place. I am amazed at how much more spacious my living area is now... I approached this project with significant trepidation and wariness. Danny and Sandra spent time to get to know me and to find out what was important in my life. They did not rest until everything was completed and I was satisfied. I would recommend Happy Home Design for any small or large redesign home project you can imagine. Thank you, Happy Home Design Team. You are the best.


- Cathy E.

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"They re-purposed my existing furniture and decorations, and made many functional changes. The results are wonderful!"

Danny and Sandra are outstanding! After my husband passed away, I needed changes done to my condo so that it would have a fresh, "new" feel. They re-purposed my existing furniture and decorations, and made many functional changes. The results are wonderful! As well, they are fun, listen well, and work very quickly. Thank you so much Danny and Sandra. I appreciate your supportive attitude and help. A truly creative couple.

- Mahara S.

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