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Frequently Asked Questions


How much will it cost to hire your services for our project?

As each client and every project is different, so is the need for design services.  On average, expect to invest 10% -20% of the overall cost of the project on design services.  For example, if the cost of the project is estimated at $25,000, design services could range between- $2500 - $5000.  This will depend on how much involvement you wish to have in sourcing items and the time in which it takes to finalise selections & make decisions.  It is also important to understand that each change or alteration may affect other aspects of the design which in turn could increase the time needed to spend ensuring the overall plans are not compromised.

Increasingly, we have been offering a Flat Fee Service to help clients manage their budget expectations. After the initial consultation, we will come up with a Flat Fee proposal based on the scope of work and estimated hours of service. This proposal would include all the purchases that we specified as well as delivery charges. If the client wants, we can arrange for our tradespeople to come up with quotes for their services so that we can stay within our budget as much as possible.

Do you offer free consultation?

No, we do not offer free consultation. With "free" consultation, you get very limited design tips or professional help from us. With a paid consultation, we want to make sure you get the best value your money can buy. Before your consultation, we actually ask you to send us pictures of your home along with questions that you have. On top of that, we ask you to fill out a aesthetic questionnaire so we can have a sense of what makes you happy. On average, we spend about 5 hours to do our homework before we spend the two hours in your home. All of our clients have told us that it's money well spent.

Why should I pay for your consultation when I can get free consultation from some furniture stores?

We are not affiliated with any single furniture store, so we don't come to your home with the hidden agenda to sell you our products. This allows us to use the vase resources available to us to help you achieve the best design possible.

Do you get trade discounts & if so, do you pass these on to us?

Depending on where an item is sourced from, you may benefit from the discounts we receive from suppliers & retailers.  Where the discount is greater than $100 and a minimum of 20%, Happy Home Design shares our discounts with clients.  It is important to note that every supplier is different in regards to their terms as well as the percentage they offer.  For example– if a fabric costs $100/yard & the designer discount is 50%, you will receive 25% off retail. Therefore your cost is $75/yard.  NOTE: We find that the cost of design services is often offset by the savings you receive from our Designer Discounts.

Are we involved in the design process & how can we work with you to get the most out of the experience?

Design projects are very much a collaborative process between us and you as our client.  The ‘getting to know you’ phase at the start of the project allows us to understand your needs and your lifestyle.  We ask a lot of questions and discuss in depth your requirements for each space.  Our goal is to make the process as simple and stress free as possible.

While working together, we build a partnership with you & establish a trust.  When you allow us complete creative rights, we are able to curate a truly beautiful & functioning space that is distinctly you. We ask that you kindly allow us to do what we do best - source all items you’ve requested our assistance in finding and let us present to you so you can see the entire vision for your space. One small change in a fabric, piece of artwork or area rug can compromise the entire project. Relax and let us do what we do best.

Please remind me how the retainer works

Invoices issued for products and services are to be paid in full at the time they are issued.   The retainer is non-refundable and remains in our possession until such time that you feel design services may no longer be required.  It is at this time that these monies are applied to the final invoice.  The expectation is that the services are ongoing or used within 3 months of signing the letter of agreement as we only take on a limited number of clients at a time.